Graphical interface with Python on Windows 7

I started by installing Python and other required software to my 64-bit windows 7 computer. Source: Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets -book and For now stick with the files presented on botbook’s website, until I find a solution to my problem. Might have something to do with the 64-bit installation. The instructions should be […]


I followed Suvi’s instructions on how to get iButton working on the UNO. The iButton had two wires, a white and a brown one. I connected the iButton on the breadboard. I connected the white wire to slot 7 on the UNO and to the 5v through a resistor. I connected the brown wire to […]

PING ultrasound sensor

Ping sensor is a lot easier to test than PIR, believe me. I swapped parts with my classmate Lauri from Tero’s class Lauri’s code below: if you get readings that it is hitting something closer than it should, make sure the sensor isn’t hitting something directly beneath it. I had to place the sensor on […]

Passive Infra-Red Sensor

I familiarized myself (and made a test) with a PIR motion sensor as a part of a course at Haaga-Helia held by Tero Karvinen: I found a site with instructions of how to use the motionsensor to blink a led I got the PIR and a led hooked to my arduino following the […]